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Way of Life Fights for Safe Recovery Housing

By Bill Anderson

Barb Williamson has dedicated the last several years to helping people in recovery so she was shocked when the city tried to shut down one of the recovery houses she owns.

“Just overnight you’re going to make 14 people homeless and drill the locks off of my house.”

That’s the situation that she said she’s is facing just for doing what she believes is the right thing for people with similar challenges to the one’s that she faced.

“I was in and out of treatment centers since I was 15 years old. Homeless in Kensington for years I definitely thought I was going to die from addiction.”

But someone cared and got her into a recovery house. Living with others in recovery helped her but she says it also opened her eyes to why so many fail once they leave many programs.

“You go from this really safe bubble and then you’re home, you’re alone. I didn’t feel comfortable so I just went back to what made me feel comfortable, doing drugs.”

The recovery house experience inspired Barb to open Way Of Life houses. The houses allow people in recovery to live together and receive support but unfortunately after a year open her first house in Philadelphia ran into some unexpected issues.


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